chapbook publications

Unusual light source, Fall 2018, White Stag Publishing 


poetry publications

“Biological Poem”, Vinyl Poetry & Prose, October 2019
“Grief Shorthand”, Ghost Proposal, Summer 2019
"Love Poem for Mesa, AZ", 580 Split, Spring 2018
"Streetlight Borealis," & "Re-introduction to the Wild, or Why I Find Being in the Grocery Store Destabilizing," Sixth Finch, Summer 2017
"Developing the Theory of Am I Poppies or Bluebells" & "Meanwhile Some Unsolicited Advice," Tin House, Winter Reading #66
"Oakland, April 2, 2017," Pouch Magazine, Fall 2017
"This isn't the last time," Salt Hill, #38
"The Dream of Eventual Wreck" & "My Wonderful Life is Short," Sparkle & Blink, #59
"So I am in Debt" & "Forecasting," White Stag, Volume III
"The Biggest Small" & "Small Hunger," Foothill: A Journal of Poetry, Volume III, Issue I

poetry readings